Craft a solid, short science pitch

Do you want to know how to pitch your research in a short amount of time?
Then this is the workshop for you!

After the masterclass you know exactly how to craft the perfect video- or posterpitch in a concise, convincing and appealing way.

You will learn how to:

  • formulate the essence of your research;
  • structure your pitch in the best way possible;
  • engage the audience from start to finish.
Sneak peak

In this video you are able to get a sneak peak of a previous masterclass.

Practical details

Single Masterclass

Participants: 4 – 80 people
2 hours
Medium: Zoom (or another conference tool with break-out rooms)

Feedback sessions (optional)

Participants will get individual feedback and provide feedback to their peers in a small group.
This is very beneficial to implement the theory and develop new presentation skills.
Preferably the feedback sessions are scheduled a few days (or a week) after the Masterclass.
Participants: up to 6 people
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Please contact me for a personalized quotation tailored to meet your individual requirements.

About the trainer

Marloes ten Kate is a presenter, science journalist and presentation coach for scientists. She is co-founder of Scientific Storytelling, where she trains scientists in the art of storytelling and presenting. She provided hundreds of scientists with tools on how to speak and share their story for a broad audience.

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